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The Thursday Night Killers Book Club Mystery Series

The Thursday Night Killers Book Club

Chapter One

Every Thursday night friend, Jerri, Sabrina and Cece, members of a book club, meet at McGuire’s bar in downtown Manhattan. They work their way through the cocktail menu than to discuss the latest bestseller. When Sabrina wants to get rid of her husband from a quickie marriage, she solicits her friends in an alcohol induced round table debate of methods and means. The end results produced a detailed Kill List. When the fun and games are over and Sabrina’s husband is found dead, her friends wonder if she took the list seriously.

The Thursday Night Killers Book Clup Front Cover


Chapter Two

As a member of her Thursday Night Book Club, Jerri Braden never expected to find a body in a trunk of a car. Nor did she expect to fall into a twenty-year-old mystery. Yet there she was, standing in Duca’s Auto shop in Brooklyn, looking at a dead body. 
The first time the book club got involved with a murder, it was a fluke. Now book club members, Jerri, Cece and Sabrina, have another killer’s attention and they can’t ignore it. Before Jerri knows it, she’s enlisted her co-workers in an investigating unit, trying to find clues to a series of robberies and missing parolees. While Jerri follows the clues to a murderer, she realizes that someone is following her.

This is the book cover of the second book in the Thursday Night Killers Book Club series
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