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Red Glasses

What's Good....


by M. Corbier

Once her husband died from cancer, Dr. Julia Toussaint managed to rebuild a comfortable life with her son, Evens But when he’s murdered, she falls apart. Months of psychiatric treatment leave her confused and alienated from her former life. Julia struggles with the past, unsure if she committed a murder to avenge the child she loved. With the support of friends and family, she slowly pieces things back together but the world has changed. Her aging parents want her to return home to North Carolina, but Julia has unresolved business in California and a relationship which leaves her vulnerable.

After resigning her position as chief of pediatrics for a position at a new medical center, Julia makes new friendships and begins again. However, the past refuses to be ignored. Suddenly, a police officer blackmails her about the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of the woman who killed her son. Using Julia’s relationship with a former drug addict, he increases the pressure forcing Julia to examine her past. A narcissistic boss creates an antagonistic environment that raises murderous urges in Julia’s mind. With the happiness of the people she loves at stake, Julia must remember who she was and define who she will become.

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