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Maggie and Odessa Mysteries

Pennywise Book Cover


Wife and mother, Maggie’s Swifts needs to find her missing husband, who may or may not be having an affair. Determined to find him, Maggie enlists her best friend Odessa to help her. Odessa just wants to keep the dessert case filled at her family’s restaurant and kept her anxiety in check. She can’t say no to Maggie, even if it might get her killed.

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Drop Dead Delicious

Odessa Wilkes can’t forgive her ex-boss from embezzling and costing her a dream job. When he returns to New York City, he needs her help to clear him of murder. She rather gets a root canal. With Maggie by her side, Odessa gets more than she bargains for when she tries to deal with her past and tries not to kill her




P.I. in training, Maggie’s first client is a mother who wants to investigate her future son-in-law, who may be marrying for more than love. With the help from her best friend, dessert chef, and reluctant sidekick, Odessa, she takes on the case. Odessa wants to help but a crazy rodent exterminator wants to kill her, and she doesn’t know why.

Chasing Cherry

Sherrilyn ‘Cherry’ Turnbull, a former video vixen, has the only alibi for Bebe Dunn. Dunn, the nineteen-year-old genius sous chef at Odessa family’s restaurant, has been charged with murder. Maggie and Odessa need to find Cherry. In their way is a dangerous music promoter, Dunn’s egotistical lawyer and the elusive Cherry’s demands to get paid.

Chasing Cherry: aggie and Odessa Mystery Series
 A Candy Coated: Maggie and Odessa Mystery Series

A Candy Coated Lie

Odessa’s upcoming wedding is being undone by an anxiety inducing rash, her overbearing sister, a preoccupied fiancé and a phone call from a dead woman. Before her wedding, Odessa needs Maggie’s help to find out the truth before it ruins her day and her future. 

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